In N Out Car Wash and Detailing Center has been operating since 1961.There is no pressure to spend extra money but they do give recommendations - that I should replace my wipers probably on the next visit.Dels Truck Wash is located at 125 W Victoria Street Long Beach, CA.I really took notice on the fact that there were 2 females and 2 males and all of them were wonderful.

Friendly staff, prompt service, and reasonable and convenient additional services i.e. Light bulb change.Anyway the employees checked my car in an efficient and timely way.Everyone that worked there was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and communicated effectively to the customers waiting.But service was awesome and that why we continue to go there.

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Please visit our page for more information about Dels Truck Wash including contact information and.My Manual for the car recommends that I use Genuine Subaru parts.

Very good communication with what they were doing and progress. Quick s.Get your fuel system cleaned in the same amount of time it takes to do an oil change.We all have busy livers and the fact that I could go pump gas and stop by and get a quick oil change is a big.

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They are so helpful but I also never feel pressure AND all the employees really enjoy working with each other.Kind,courtesy and did not try to over sell the product to me.They told me a few things that were wrong and what i had to fix.Find phone, map, directions, website, coupons, reviews, hours.

They work very efficiently and have great communication with the customer and each other. I ne.I love the way Danny showed me the items that needed to be changed and compared the old air filters with the new.They maintain a record of former services and know what has been done to keep my vehicle well maintained in the past.The people who took care of me were friendly and personable, they showed me my filters and when I said no thank you they said ok.I was interested in a service that it turned out was not recommended and they helped me understand the proper maintenance schedule for my specific make and model.It was particularly hot that day and they offered me some ice cold water whil.

If your battery is losing charge, and at increased risk for failure, we can replace it in about 15 minutes.Find oil change in CA today on. conveniently located sites which offer oil change services as well as car wash services With each oil.

The employees are always gentlemen and have a great way of guiding you through everything and making you feel comfortable.It was a drive-thru service. the team was friendly, knowledgeable and coordinated.The person first spoke to me and handled the intake was super friendly and courteous.

I always come to the same location because the service is always fast and top knotch.They helped me and explained every detailed and answered every question.

Because I waa not pressured to buy and also was you did not try to added services I did not come for and I loved you told me wha.Check the best source, find free online Car Wash Coupons in Long Beach, CA and save with PennySaverUSA.I was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the the staff.I was reassured that they would take care of me and they did everything I needed quickly, efficiently and with an amazing attitude.The manager Christina was really helpful with assisting me along with having great communication with her employees.awesome t.

Great, fast serviceEmployee was very nice and hands on approach Thank you guys.Other places have 0-20w in conventional grade available and felt like I was being told a lie.They were in sync all the way and although they seem young, they were really professi.Midas: Coupons - Brake Pads, Service, and Oil Change. Goodyear:.

I found this location through a recommendation on the App NextDoor.I came in and specifically asked for what I wanted and yet had to sit through that.